UKEVENTS Confirms the Nationwide Caterers Association (NCASS) as New Partner

UKEVENTS, the umbrella organisation for the events industry, has confirmed the Nationwide Caterers Association (NCASS) as its newest partner.

NCASS is the only membership organisation in the UK to support independent food and drink businesses and has been supporting its members to be safe, legal, and profitable for over 30 years. Its key priorities include raising the profile of its members among the wider events industry, raising safety standards, and to educate on LPG safety.

Food, drink, and hospitality itself at events is integral to audience experience and 85% of NCASS members are part of the events industry.

The association has been campaigning to the Government on several issues, including VAT reductions for the hospitality industry to bring the UK in line with European competition, as well as how inflation has moved many catering businesses beyond the VAT threshold against their wishes.

On why NCASS has chosen to join UKEVENTS, Nick Summers, Managing Director, NCASS comments: “NCASS works hand in hand with the events sector and it is paramount to peoples’ livelihoods and the economy that the sector continues to come together through working groups to create a thriving, sustainable industry.

“Events are a key driver in attracting international trade and investment to the UK. As a member of UKEVENTS, we look forward to collectively putting our voices together to engage with government and the wider industry and progress real change that will benefit us all.”

On NCASS’s membership, Chris Skeith OBE, Chair, UKEVENTS, added: “We are thrilled to welcome the Nationwide Caterers Association (NCASS) as our newest partner within UKEVENTS. NCASS has a long-standing track record of supporting independent food and drink businesses, fostering their safety, legality, and profitability for over three decades. By joining forces, we are further strengthening the collaborative spirit of the events industry and reinforcing our commitment to elevating safety standards and promoting excellence.

“NCASS's dedication to advocating for its members and engaging with the government on critical matters, such as reducing VAT on hospitality and addressing the challenges of inflation, aligns perfectly with our shared goals. The events sector plays a pivotal role in driving international trade, investment, and economic growth in the UK. With NCASS as a member of UKEVENTS, we are excited to amplify our collective voice and work collaboratively to bring about tangible, positive changes that will contribute to the success of our entire industry.”

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