Portico and transACT join forces to redefine workplace experience

Guest services specialist Portico has announced its new partnership with innovative workplace technology solutions and services provider transACT. The collaboration between the two companies enables Portico to deliver guest services for the ever-changing 21st century workplace, by combining its award-winning personal service with technologies provided by transACT.

Portico's highly motivated and engaged team is backed by transACT's integrated workplace solutions, created to drive efficiencies and provide an enhanced level of customer care. This symbiotic relationship of human touch and technology is a response to demand and to the challenges brought about by recent shifts in ways of working, including the trends for hybrid and remote working, ‘hotelification’ of workspaces and the increase in remote and cross-team collaboration.

Oliver Hiner, Director of Operations at Portico, said: “This dual approach allows us to harness the combined power of technology and our own exceptional teams to unlock a multitude of benefits for our clients. Portico is at the forefront of guest services, and we continually evolve and adapt to address challenges and exceed client expectations. Our new partnership with transACT is poised to redefine workplace experiences and set a new industry benchmark for efficiency and excellence.”

Sam Farrant, Head of Digital Workplace at transACT, said: “This is an exciting time within the workplace technology market. Technologies are evolving quicker than ever and with a great deal of choice. However, technology is only as effective as the processes and adoption, which is why this partnership provides the winning combination. We are very excited to be working with Portico, providing a complete solution to our customers, and a consultative approach to both technology and services.”

transACT’s comprehensive suite of solutions will assist Portico across three key areas:

  • Meeting Rooms: According to a 2022 survey by global workforce solutions company Aquent, 60 per cent of office employees of all ages and levels want to work remotely within the next 1–3 years. In response to the enduring trend for remote and hybrid working and the challenges and opportunities this brings, transACT's innovative meeting room technology will empower Portico's clients by providing effective solutions to optimise efficiency and productivity. This includes hybrid workplace solutions, AV support, seamless room booking, real-time availability updates and intelligent scheduling features. 
  • Visitor Management: A 2022 Leesman report titled Purposeful Presence uses the term ‘hotelification’ to describe the elevated importance of seamless, welcoming and effective workplaces that provide an attractive alternative to the home office.

transACT's advanced visitor management systems allow Portico to streamline the guest check-in process, creating a smooth and secure experience for visitors. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, this solution will enhance security measures, simplify invitation and automatic check-in procedures, provide secure smart phone access, and automate the user journey and remove barriers, so that Portico team members can concentrate on greeting, welcoming arrivals and delivering the personal touch.

  • Event Spaces: In the new world of work, attendees expect a greater return on investment for each event attended than ever before. With transACT's event management solutions, Portico can transform event planning and execution. From pre-event information, handling of virtual rooms, and scheduling and resource allocation to attendee registration and access control, this technology will streamline the entire event management lifecycle, enabling Portico's clients to host memorable, seamless, and impactful events.

To explore the future of the workplace, we are inviting you to join our panel discussion and networking event held jointly by transACT and Portico on 19th July at One Moorgate Place, London, EC2R 6EA. Together we will explore the changing nature of the workplace and guest services, and the role technology can help in this transition. The event is open to all facilities management professionals. Free tickets are available at

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