M&IT Podcast: ‘Give the industry a pound and it’ll give the government five pounds back’

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Skills, equity and sustainability are becoming greater priorities for planners, according to The Business of Events’ recent 2023 International Planner Sentiment Report.

M&IT editor Paul Harvey caught up with Martin Fullard, director of news and content at The Business of Events, to get a deeper dive on the report – and the general state of the sector. You can listen to the full 15 minute podcast here.

On sustainability:

“I think it's interesting and perhaps predictable that sustainability's tracking 1.5 points higher across all regions than it was in 2022, although it perhaps has remained lower in the North American market. Evidence suggests that they are beginning to take it more seriously, but certainly in the UK and Europe, sustainability is even higher up the agenda as a priority.”

On diversity:

“The pandemic certainly has given us the opportunity to really shine a microscope on things such as diversity, and we're now starting to see tangible differences in the workplace. Now, I'm sure if you speak to a whole range of different people, everyone will say that there’s still a way to go. And there's no finish line here; it's about incremental cultural change.”

On the next general election:

“No prospective party is going to be promising the world in terms of spending - but that's not something our industry's even asking for. It's a simple case of recognition - of asking for things such as ministerial support for inbound events for major shows, major conferences, having government departments more actively involved. This industry, give it a pound and it will give the government £5 back. We just need any prospective government to know that; Conservative, Labour or whoever.”

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