Elevate your event experience: top tips to maximise attendance

Exhibiting at events can be a great way to boost your brand’s visibility and connect with your target audience. But to make the most out of your investment there are a few key strategies to consider. In this blog we'll walk you through some practical tips to implement before, during, and after the event to help you stand out.

The build up

  • Reach out to the organiser’s own PR agency – sometimes the event will have a dedicated PR team who go beyond promoting the event itself to offer their services to exhibitors, too (a service Davies Tanner provides for exhibitors of IBTM World). From advising on story angles that might interest attending media to distributing your press releases and even assisting with media interviews, it’s worth making the most of this opportunity and grabbing your chance for some free expert PR while you can!
  • Make a plan and be organised – Even without a PR agency to guide you, there are several things you can do to maximise your attendance at an event before you go. Here are a few ideas:
    • Populate your exhibitor profile on the event’s website to make a great first impression and help potential contacts understand more about you and what you can offer
    • Use the event's hashtags to post about how excited you are to attend, share your news and what you hope to promote at the event
    • Draft a press release outlining what’s new and exciting about your brand and distribute to attending media
    • If feasible and you have news that will interest journalists, consider holding a press conference at the event or organising an on-stand event.
    • If you want to profile a senior spokesperson or have more in-depth news to share, ask the organisers for a list of attending media and invite select media for one-to-one interviews
    • Reach out to contacts you know will be there to let them know you’re going and that you’d love to meet up

Show time

  • Show your best side – While you’re at the show, you are the face of your brand, so no matter what challenges come your way, keep calm and carry on (and don’t forget to smile)!
  • Work the room – Aside from providing valuable new business connections, events can be fascinating insights into the state of your industry as well as offering useful glimpses into your competitors’ activities.  Take the chance to walk the show floor, make the most of the networking opportunities on offer, catch up with colleagues old and new, and take it all in!
  • Pace yourself – Busy events can be draining with numerous interactions, bright lights, and the need to be attentive and ‘on’ all the time. If possible, take short breaks away from the show floor to recharge so that you can return refreshed.
  • Enjoy it! – Events are an opportunity to step out of your routine and discover new things, potentially interact with different cultures, and meet new people. Embrace it and savour every moment!

Beyond the event

  • Follow up, follow up, follow up - Once your luggage has been stowed away for another year and you’ve taken a well-earned breather, it’s time to retrieve that list of contacts made at the event and get back in touch. Following up allows you to nurture the leads you generated during the event and keeps your brand fresh in the minds of potential customers. And staying in contact post-event means you can address any questions or concerns from potential leads which can help alleviate doubts and move the sales process forward.

In summary, do your homework before the event, with some strategic preparation to lay the groundwork for a successful show, enjoy it when you get there and keep in touch with your contacts afterwards. If you would like some additional help or advice about promoting your attendance at an event contact:

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