Today (26th May 2022) at its inaugural industry conference, VisitScotland Business Events launched its Transformation Protocol, a new national initiative which aims to maximise the impact business events can have when they come to Scotland.

Over the past few years, event owners and organisers, CVBs and national bodies, including VisitScotland, have begun to understand the greater impacts business events can have in a destination, beyond immediate spend and economic benefit.

The Transformation Protocol is a new initiative from VisitScotland Business Events that seeks to ensure opportunities to facilitate connections between event organisers and national Scottish partners who are not already involved in the event.

The protocol is a collaborative national initiative that will include VisitScotland, city convention bureaux, key conference centres and venues, PCOs and inbound event organisers. By understanding the drivers, motivations, and key areas of expertise for inbound events, VisitScotland Business Events will be able to connect event organisers and key delegates with national partners, including innovation and research centres, policy leads, industry bodies, social enterprises and business leaders.

As part of the new initiative, VisitScotland Business Events will facilitate a wide range of support to organisations bidding for events, from bid stage to delivery stage, including bid support and endorsement; collaboration on a transformation agenda; knowledge exchange meetings and sector and industry introductions.

VisitScotland Business Events has already partnered with a wide variety of organisations from across Scotland including The DataLab innovation centre, Technology Scotland, FinTech Scotland and the Scottish AI Alliance – with more partners being recruited. All partners have committed to work with conference organisers and engage with delegates to help elevate their event and create real transformations.

Rory Archibald, Associations & Sectors, VisitScotland Business Events said: “Over the past few years we have seen a significant increase in demand for events that champion collaboration with local experts and sectors to add extra value to the overall experience for delegates. The Transformation Protocol provides us with a great platform to support our partners in helping to deliver events that do just this, in doing so allowing us to focus on promoting business events as a key driver for social and economic change and for the wider global economy.” To find out more about the Transformation Protocol visit: