The Government has issued further guidance on holding weddings during Stage 2. The new guidance states that, from 12th April, wedding ceremonies can take place in venues which are permitted to open for the purposes of providing unrestricted services. This includes:

  • Conference centres and exhibition halls
  • Holiday accommodation, including hotels (in a room approved for the solemnisation of marriage and formation of a civil partnership)
  • Any purpose-built wedding venue (where that is its sole purpose, and it is not also a hospitality venue or visitor attraction)
  • Visitor attractions may be used (if licensed) if the part of the venue used to hold the ceremony is used solely for that purpose and is not ordinarily open to the public (for example a building used for wedding ceremonies within the grounds of a botanical garden). 
  • Rooms or spaces within indoor visitor attractions (for example a room within a museum) if they can be accessed directly from the street, or open outdoor areas of the venue.