After graduating from the University of Chester in June with a 2:1 in Journalism, my instincts bizarrely told me to go and work in PR and not journalism. Everyone always asks me why PR and not journalism? I reply with; I have just spent three years being a journalist and it was enough! Jokes aside, I have always wanted to head down the PR career path and I believe my background in journalism has provided me with strong and transferable skills that I can use in PR.

You will not even begin to imagine how excited I was when davies tanner said that they would take me on as a PR trainee. This was perfect for me! Like everyone else my age, experience is key. Even though I have had experience in different PR agencies, I still felt like there was a whole new ‘PR’ world to explore.

So, it was my first day at davies tanner and I was nervous, really nervous. However, I was equally as excited to be able to learn and explore this whole new world to me. I was greeted with smiles and plenty of tea. My desk was equipped with the bright turquoise davies tanner notebook and a welcome pack, which even included a plan of the office of where everyone sat and their names (very useful when you are new).

When I was told about what I would be doing in my first week, I was thrilled to see that I was going to be involved with meetings, phone calls and even some training. I am not going to lie my eyes did light up when I saw the term ‘Fizz Fridays’ what a great way to end the week! On a Friday, the team also announce their ‘wins of the week’ and someone is awarded the Coverage Cup. This is a great way to share with everyone your PR achievements that week. Following my first week at davies tanner my ‘win of the week’ was simply the fact that I had learnt more in my first week in the office than I had my three years at university!

As I was settling in I started to learn more and more about davies tanner, the team behind all the hard work and the impressive client list. I was given a brief about each client and what davies tanner does for them. I was then given four accounts that I was going to be working on. Work for me then started and I immersed myself in the day to day life at davies tanner.

I have constantly been learning since I joined davies tanner a month ago, especially when our very own events guru, Ken, gave me a very detailed and interesting talk about the industry and the challenges it faces.  I have gained a real understanding of the wider aspects of the industry and how davies tanner plays an important role within it.

Next month I have been given the opportunity to go to my first trade event, SquareMeal Venues + Events Live, in London. I am intrigued and excited to be able attend and hopefully I will learn some new ‘tricks of the trade!’

I am so eager for the next few months at davies tanner, to see what new skills I am going to learn, to build new relationships with clients and journalists and to carry on being a part of the davies tanner team.