Whittlebury Park Spa Manager Sophie Clear explains why the period between Christmas and New Year is the best time for some rest and recuperation, and gives her top tips on how to make the most of some me-time at home

What is ‘twixmas’?

The ‘twixmas’ period (between Christmas and New Year), has a completely different vibe to any other time of year. It’s a period of calm after the (sometimes stressful) build up to Christmas, and before the partying of New Year’s Eve. It’s a time when many people are at home, relaxing, spending time with their families, and it’s a great opportunity to pencil in some ‘me-time’ before things start ramping up again in the new year.

I particularly love it when our guests arrive, sometimes you can see that they’re a little frazzled but within a couple of hours they’re completely chilled out and don’t want to leave! We find that spa stays during this time are very popular, and this year even more so. We’re at 75 per cent occupancy in the spa for this period and 89 per cent of the bookings are for the Time Out Spa Stay.

What is your favourite spa treatment for this period?

Our Time Out Twixmas Spa stay include our heat and ice treatments, which I love. The idea behind these multi-level experiences is to invigorate the body by providing different sensations as a result of the changing temperatures. As you move through the treatments you gradually increase your body’s temperature before stepping into the ice cave to stimulate your circulation and senses. This treatment also aids in the elimination of toxins (useful after one too many mince pies!) and exfoliates the skin.

We have a suggested bathing plan for guests to get the most out of these experiences. Our hydrotherapy pool incorporates underwater and overwater pressure jets creating a ‘jacuzzi’ effect, which is very therapeutic. The warm water helps relieve pain and induces muscle relaxation. We have a quiet relaxation room with a variety of water beds and loungers to help relax and unwind the body and mind.

The Time Out Twixmas Spa stay includes a 40-minute tension relieving ‘Peaceful Escape’ treatment which melts the stresses of modern life (and all that pre-Christmas planning) away!

How can the spa experience be recreated at home?  

  • Carry out those rituals that we don’t always have time for in our busy day to day lives; apply a face mask, paint your nails a pretty shade, use that expensive body lotion that you got in your stocking
  • Put away your phone for as long as you can. Pour yourself a herbal tea and read a book or do some meditation
  • Run a bubble bath, light some scented candles and relax with some chilled-out tunes

How do you personally relax and unwind between Christmas and New Year?

My job is quite full on during the year so it’s great to be able to spend some time with family. I have a 4-year-old niece so it’s lovely to be able to see the magic of Christmas through a child’s eyes.