A Five Step Communications Guide to Revival

With most communications activity over the past few months across the travel, tourism and business events sectors being built around an immediate response to the pandemic, and mitigation efforts being used to protect visitors and employees, focus is now turning to the long process of

Our team has been working for several months to position ourselves and our clients for the future. While many communications plans and budgets have been paused or reduced, its vital to maintain a strong voice if brands wish to remain connected with their audience and to keep up to date with rapidly changing consumer needs and expectations.

Leading with a clear voice will show your audience that you are committed to recovery, with an opportunity to position your business and your senior team as leaders, creating an emotional connection which engenders brand loyalty and value.

Pre-pandemic, marketing and communications plans could take several months to develop and deploy, but today, in a much faster moving environment, communications need to be far more agile and flexible. That’s why we have used our recognised crisis communications models and strategies to develop a Five Step Guide to Revival, which provides a framework for you to create and deliver the type of content and messages designed to keep conversations going and to build confidence in your business as we look to shape all our futures.