Taking inspiration from the rising star that is Snapchat, this year Facebook launched their new feature ‘Facebook Live’, allowing users to broadcast live from a location to all of their connections. This new feature has become another stage for people, brands and companies to interact with their followers, streaming interactive content and responding to live questions direct from the event as it unfolds.

Whilst other apps such as Periscope and Meerkat have introduced live mobile streaming before now, Facebook’s extensive global reach will bring the technology to a bigger audience, allowing 30 minutes of real time streaming to interact directly with online communities. At Facebook’s recent F8 developer conference, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that users would be able to stream from any device – even drones, making the live feature even more accessible to add value to events of all shapes and sizes.

Here’s our round up of four ways Facebook Live can help you maximise the reach of your event:

  1. Let your audience have their say

One of the most interesting features of Facebook Live is the ability for your audience to comment on what they are seeing live as it is happening. Having an increased level of involvement with your audience creates a much more personal approach to interaction, engaging their attention and immersing them in the experience, even at a distance. Through live streaming you can direct your video to suit the preference of your viewers, ask your audience what they would like to see and then show them, let them lead you rather than you leading them.

  1. User Generated Content

Ensure your viewers are interacting with your event even if they are not physically attending; with the ability to comment on live feeds for all to see, Facebook Live has one up on Snapchat and provides a level of video interactivity that no other social media tool has yet managed to crack. Let your audience lead a Q&A session and give them the content they are asking for. Responding to questions in real time, without reading from cue cards is personal and instils trust in the viewer that is sometimes lost through scripted video content. By referring personally to the user who’s question you are answering, you can also create a level of engagement that is often tricky to harness when the interaction is not face-to-face (according to Facebook).

  1. Behind the scenes insights

Some big names have been seen using the new feature, and although Ricky Gervais broadcasting from his bath tub might not be the approach you’re going for, other household names have been putting the tool to a more practical use. NBC News Los Angeles, for example, have used Facebook Live to show their audience what happens back stage at their studio. Offering content that cannot be found elsewhere is exciting and your viewers will feel more connected to your brand. Moving location throughout the live feed is also a great tip for keeping the audience engaged, you become their eyes and ears – it’s almost like being let in on a secret, seeing things which they wouldn’t usually be privy to.

  1. Grow your following

Facebook live has a great new ‘follow’ tool, when a stream is live a button will appear directly underneath. The idea behind the feature is that you can grow your number of followers at the click of a button, when a user clicks the ‘Follow’ button under your streams, they’ll automatically get a notification the next time you go live. You’re building your views and engagement with each video you stream, attracting audiences far beyond the physical footfall of the event itself.


Live streaming is growing more and more each day, and with this mighty player entering the game, we think it’s time to wave your white flag and jump on board.